It can help you monitor your long-term health goals.

About Us:

Preserving personal and family health through knowledge and prevention is a key component of Program vision. Taking steps to prevent major illness is a personal choice and one of incalculable value. It is dedicated to the development of affordable personal use screening tools that can help you detect major illnesses such as cancer at the earliest possible time – when almost all cancers are treatable, curable and/or controllable.

A key corporate and core focus of the program is to help members uncover health issues, educate and help them avoid major illness. The program encourages and empowers you to take an active role in your own health outcomes. It also focuses on improving longevity and quality of life through monitoring lifestyle and health improvements and by comprehensive and unique disease Monitoring, Assessment and Preventative Maintenance - the (MAP) strategy.

Steps Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Disease Monitoring

Integrated and transformation healthcare app lets you quickly and easily take action every day—and maintain your own health information—all in one safe place. The program advocates regular health screening as one of the best ways to monitor your health and reduce your chances of late detection with life altering consequences. makes it affordable and simpler for everyone to keep updated medical portfolio lowering the chances of disease. Our goal is to help you detect major illness at the earliest possible point and to help you prevent such illness from ever altering your quality of life.

Health Assesments

In the past, annual or even five year health assessments recommendations were considered adequate, but this was proven otherwise as patient outcomes have suffered in this country and late detection of illness is out of control. In fact, some cancers and major illnesses can kill in less then a year. The program advocates establishing quarterly visits to your doctor and personal involvement in testing as our overall approach to disease prevention and monitoring efforts.

Preventative Maintenance

The program strives to create a plan and a battery of tests and activites that is best suited for you as recommended by your physicans, then proceeds to help you implement, manage and monitor that plan subject to continuing physician involvement and approval. After reviewing results of certain tests, you may be advised by doctors to take further step to monitor your health such as lifestyle and diet changes. The objective is to work with you and your doctors to detect changes in your health before they can wreak havoc.

Our core values.

Our core values give a framework for your health reporting on timely bases on regular frequency to transform for better health management and preventative care.

  • We want to empower YOU to improve your health, reach your goals, and find success.
  • We know what it takes for YOU to transform your health and life.
  • We know it is possible. We know YOU can do it. And we want to help.

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Our Mission:

Innovating the unique integrated tools and professional affiliations to empower you to take charge of your own health and thwart the life altering effects of late-stage major illnesses to guide members with the important secrets of living long, healthy and fruitful lives.