Better information. Better health management to members

HPS™ provide a integrated solution with better case and knowledge management and wide processed information to HPS™ Participating Physician.

Participating Physician can be self or referred by member, participating pharmacies or lab to be a member of HPS™ . Participating Physician associated to HPS™ would able to add other Participating Physicians and accept any linked members , Participating pharmacies and Labs.

Participating Physician will refer the product to member and send the recommendation to the product holding- participating pharmacies to be a member on HPS™. Upon registration the participating pharmacies can promote the recommended product along with his existing product on HPS™. The product would categories by participating pharmacies as product type and Prescription type “ Prescription Drugs or Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs”. In addition participating pharmacies can also promote the product sales.

HPS™ is role based technology and upon member disclosing linked participating physician will have the availability to view the member records.

Participating Physician can promote their consulting hours sales and also accept the scheduled appointments request from the HPS™ members.

Participating Physician will have the dashboard and reporting feature. Participating Physician also have the ability to create the hierarchy chart likewise member (family chart) as for corporate org structure that means an hospital head will create the parent node followed by child would be specialized Participating Physician s, Participating Physician can also create their own network of Participating Physicians and each participating physician all the Participating Physician functions in HPS™.

Process Flow

Participating Physician send the prescription of member to the participating pharmacies and member, participating pharmacy will raise the invoice for the prescription to the member, member will receive the invoice in member inbox and member can have the authorization to delete the product or pay the invoice amount in full to the participating pharmacies (shopping cart function). In response participating pharmacies send the order and tracking number to the member inbox.

Our Mission

Innovating the unique tools and professional affiliations to empower you to take charge of your own health and thwart the life altering effects of late-stage major illnesses like heart disease, stroke and cancer and to guide members with the important secrets of living long, healthy and fruitful lives.