Empowering better health with vital information with diagnostic Insights assuring better health management to members

Provide a integrated solution with better case and knowledge management and wide connection of members toParticipating Participating Labss .

Participating Labs can be self or referred by member, participating pharmacies or Participating Labs to be a member of . Participating Labs associated to would able to add other Participating Labs and accept any linked members , Participating pharmacies and Participating Labs.

Participating Labs can be a member of self referred or by participating physician or Participating pharmacies or by member.

Participating Labs is categories by type of tests and the intake process is referred by doctor or member

Participating pharmacies is related with Participating Labs by participating Labs product supply. Participating Labs can also take a bulk order from Participating physician/hospitals.

Participating Labs can promotes its sales for the type tests and the process for the approval is done by the admin there after the promotion would be publish on the life book.

Participating Labs will have the dashboard, business workflow and reporting feature capabilities.

Process Flow

Participating physician send the intake test request of member to the participating lab, participating lab will raise the invoice for the test to the member, member will receive the invoice in member inbox and member can have the authorization to delete the product or pay the invoice amount in full to the participating lab (shopping cart function). In response participating lab send the test schedule to the member inbox. Lab test schedule can also be invoked from member to lab.

Our Mission

To provide crucial diagnostic information that supports and enhances decisions people make to improve patients‘ health. We look forward to helping you unlock the insights and power of diagnostic testing.