It can help you monitor your long-term health goals.

Types of Memberships

Preserving personal and family health through knowledge and prevention is a key component of the vision. Taking steps to prevent major illness is a personal choice having a tightly integrated health care providers and one of incalculable value. GoLB™ is dedicated to the development of affordable personal use screening tools that can help you detect major illnesses at the earliest possible time - when almost all illnesses are treatable, curable and/or controllable. The HPS™ program advocates regular health screening as one of the best ways to monitor your health and reduce your chances of late detection with life altering consequences. HPS™ makes it affordable and simpler for everyone to keep updated medical portfolio lowering the chances of disease. Our goal is to help you detect major illness at the earliest possible point and to help you prevent such illness from ever altering your quality of life.

Whether you’re new has a membership plan that’s right for you and your family. Check out the membership options we have for Individual (Members), Doctor (Participating Physician / Hospitals), Vendor (Participating Pharmacies) and labs ( Participating Labs). Group membership are also available for Health organization. The technology and software tools are one-of-a-kind, offering among the repertoire for members, the proprietary living Software Plan for Your Health" that updates 24/7 and the plans rate chart are monthly enrollment bases for Software graded as platinum. Health care providers are U.S. accreditation, or the global equivalent.

Individual Member

Our individual membership is open to anyone.

Participating Physician / Hospitals

Our Participating Physician / Hospitals membership is open Physician and Hospitals .

Participating Pharmacies

Our Participating Pharmacies membership is open Pharmacies.

Participating Labs

Our Participating labs membership is for labs.