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Privacy Policy

Connecting Third Party Devices and Programs -

About Health Portal:

It is an health journal application that can help you manage your health, set fitness goals, check and compute your progress, and keep track of your overall health and family Life Cycle. It provides an integrated solution to centralized your lab, doctor and pharmacy records. It's data may be accessed and managed via the Web Portal Account, iOS, or Android applications.

Terms and Conditions:

It is intended for wellness, fitness and educational purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation , treatment , or prevention of disease.

It is intended to help users manage their overall fitness and wellness through applications that capture or track fitness or wellness information, while providing actionable metrics, and provide access to articles and similar materials that may interest users. Also encourages users to exercise effectively and offers tools to assist users. All information provided by any and all preloaded applications is for general recreational purpose only, and it does not accept any responsibility for its accuracy. You acknowledge and agree that the available functions, features and addable application for it may vary from country to country due to different local laws and regulations. You should check the features and applications available in your specific region before use.

Any information and / or services provided by its preloaded applications are not intended for use in the detection, diagnosis, monitoring management or treatment of any medical condition, disease or vital physiological processes or for the transmission of time – sensitive health information. Any health – related information found herin and in any materials or information acquired and / or accessed through LifeBook and its preloaded applications is available only for your convenience and should not be treated as medical advice. Users should seek medical advice from a physician, in particular before embarking on any new lifestyle or exercise regimen and users should not self-diagnose any ailment. Unless otherwise expressly stated or legally required, with preloaded applications is provided with no warranties. Any information that you obtain from use of it or an application preloaded within may not be suitable, accurate, complete or reliable.

GBISS, Inc, the developer of it not liable for any injuries, damages, losses and / or costs suffered by users, which are associated with the services and / or information, including recommendations, coaching, tips and / or guidelines, not for the accuracy of any information provided or acquired by or accessed through it or preloaded application. GBISS, Inc is not responsible for the accuracy of information contained in any articles or materials appearing on external third party websites or reference materials should be taken neither as an endorsement of the accuracy of that information nor as an endorsement of the contents of that site or reference generally . The terms of the End User License Agreement accompanying your device, including but not limits to its arbitration provisions, apply to your use of it.

Your use of third party devices and third party software that connect and its preloaded applications are solely between you and the applicable third party. You should read and examine such third party’s terms of use and privacy policies before you use it and any of the preloaded applications in connection with such third party devices and software.

Proprietary Rights and Licenses

All articles, text, software, music, sound, photos, Fitbit activities, video, page layouts, design and other material available on or through LifeBook and its applications and all intellectual property rights therein ( collectively , it contents and intellectual property belong to GBISS, Inc or third party licensors. Except as expressly provided herein, you are not entitled to use and shall have no interest in these and contents and IPR , or any data generated by other users of it. You acknowledge that you have only a revocable and limited right to use subject to these Terms and Conditions.

You are not permitted, except where expressly authorized in writing to do so, to change, adapt, copy, store publish, rent , licence, sub – licence, sell, hire, lend or distribute in any way the Contents and IPR, or to do any other act or omit to do any other act which may harm or otherwise pre judice any of these Contents and IPR.

No Contents and Intellectual property may be distributed or copied for any commercial purpose. No Contents and IPR may be decompiled, reverse engineered or reproduced or transmitted to or stored in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.