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Sometimes, even after losing weight and getting in our best shape, we need a little help from modern medicine to feel and look our best. Work with your physicians or our team of top-notch physicians and specialists in developing the right plan for your looks and aesthetic needs. No two patients are alike, so it is important to work out all of your enhancement goals in advance of any procedure or surgery with a qualified physician team and through a LifeBook plan. Attention to your health, fitness, life style and looks is what will give you that edge and what the HPS Program is all about.

HPS™ provide a integrated solution with better business process and advanced Pharmaceutical Products Delivery Systems -- Focus on End Users.

The pharmaceutical Products development industry is restructuring worldwide. This brings different ways of working and new challenges. As the industry moves away from internally focused research to an external model, project management and communication of science will often be more critical than outstanding science. The new world of pharmaceutical Products discovery the pathway from concept and target validation through to patient benefit will be a collective effort. Centres of excellence in large and best pharma companies. The key objective is to present a comprehensive analysis and future direction of these pharmaceutical Products delivery systems as an important tool in improving the efficacy and safety of the release of pharmaceutical productss to end users.

Participating pharmacies can self referred upon approval of prescription Content Clinical Quality Checklist & Best Practice (Subject to Pedigree, an E-Pedigree, and Track-and-Trace ) or referred by Participating Physician or lab, participating pharmacies can process the prescription from doctor for prescription Pharmaceutical Products for the member and follow the workflow.

Participating pharmacies can create his own hierarchical chart with the product line specialization and would able promote the sales on life book by getting approval from HPS™ admin.

Participating pharmacies can refer lab to be a part of life book and also supply products to the participating labs.

Participating pharmacies will have the product launch, sales dashboard, business workflow process and reporting features.